The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a worldwide personality profiling tool used by organisations to ultimately develop their leaders and managers to become more effective and productive. Based on wealth of over 50 years research it enables individuals, teams to identify strengths and potential areas for growth.

MBTI® assessment supports:

Rita provides tailor made interactive one to one sessions, workshops that integrate MBTI® assessment into accredited or bespoke leadership & management, coaching, team development.

One to one coaching using MBTI® assessment

Individualised sessions with MBTI® feedback supports individual assessment of their motivations, how they relate to others, their strengths, areas for growth, how they handle conflict and change. It can fast track your understanding for leadership roles, career assessments.

Internal Coaching Skills Programmes

We use MBTI® assessments to enable self awareness, and nurture the development of coaching skills embedding coaching into organisation way of working.

Leadership & Management Development programmes

MBTI® is a key developmental aspect of the programme supporting emerging and established leaders and managers to understand themselves and their impact on teams and customers.

Team Building & Development with MBTI® assessments

Typical workshops will focus on enabling team members to see things from each other perspectives and recognise and appreciate team diversity and differences.

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The MBTI® cannot be used for recruitment.

We have other assessments available such as

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