What can Workplace Mediation do for you?

Our Workplace Mediation supports and encourages individuals in disputes to reach agreement in constructive, creative ways where they collaboratively own their process and feel enabled to continue working together, rebuilding trust and communications for future working relationships.

We support transformative facilitated conversations between individuals to avoid expensive litigation, tribunals, long drawn out performance reviews and grievance processes. Our approach is non-adversarial, seeks commonality, and consensus.

Our Workplace Mediation normally takes one day face to face with additional use of modern technology to liaise with HR, managers and individuals involved. This minimises any disruption, additional time burden and makes our services cost effective.

Our Mediator

Rita is an independent first class workplace mediator. She has been providing workplace mediation since 2005. She is a trusted adviser to organisations in public and commercial sector for last twenty years providing consultancy and continues to add value as a coach, facilitator. She has a business psychology background, and assists organisations who are also passionate about enhancing communications,morale, cohesion, productivity in their staff teams.

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